Stickers on Cars

I have never been a fan of people with BIG and blingy car stickers and crystals! I do not mind the cars with tiny little flags or symbols… but the big and visible ones just annoy me! I do not like cars with stickers that shows sectorialism, and by that I mean car drivers showing their belonging to a certain sect or group! I do not like car stickers with phone numbers and BBM Pins… or email addresses/Social Network Nicknames! Anyways… as we were driving on 3rd Ring Road, we spotted this KAMA brand pick-up truck with LOADS of stickers in the back

The word KAMA was erased and instead, stickers were in its place… framed and underlined too

Now when I zoomed in to take a better picture…. I laughed so hard! Aside of the fact that I am against it, I laughed! It was funny! The stickers were all branded with BRATZ!

You know BRATZ? The dolls? How fitting 😛

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