Sneak Peek -Photo Shoot- @PLTQ8 @Dijyy

A  couple of days ago, I attended a photo shoot prepared and organized by the talented Noaf of PLTQ8 at Djinane Dijyy Studio for an upcoming issue of a magazine. It was so much fun browsing through the what’s hot and what’s new in the fashion industry… the wardrobe was filled with hot stuff and it was so much fun

Noaf basically go shop for different look at selected stores and start her work of mix ‘n match… she was setting up as I was taking some pictures here and there

Djinane was fixing the lighting at the same time and preparing her camera/lenses

And the fun begins…. Photo Shoot time! I cannot share all pictures with you now – so stay tuned for an updated post with most pictures revealing the outfits more 😉

Model, Tina, fixing  and retouching her makeup before the first shoot

Djinane directing the model

Those Valentino Shoes <3

Is that what you were looking for Noaf? 😉

Loved the touch of niñas de papá headbands! I personally prefer smaller ones with less flowers, but they sure add a special touch for the fashionistas who dare 😉 The model rocked them for example

More fixing and retouching between shoots

I am taking a picture of Noaf, who is taking a picture of Djinane, who was taking a picture of Tina, the model

Check…  you like it Tina?


And we’re almost done

And the people who attended the photo shoot in a not-so-clear picture with niñas de papá headbands <3

Thank you Noaf for including me in this fun and enjoyable experience… thanks Djinane for having us in your studio <3 Tina, you did an amazing job… and Eman, nice to meet you 😀


Follow Noaf of PrettyLittleThings on Twitter @PLTQ8 and Instagram @pltq8 for more pictures and updates… Djinane on Twitter @Dijyy and Instagram @dijyy. You can check more pictures I have posted on my instagram @Ansam518

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