Recommended: Prawns in Black Pepper Sauce @ChinaKitchenQ

China Kitchen is my favorite Chinese TakeOut/Delivery restaurant in Kuwait. One of the dishes I highly recommend at China Kitchen is the Prawns in Black Pepper Sauce! To begin with, I love love love black pepper, so having a dish cooked in saucy black pepper is my kind of thing! The taste of the sauce is so distinctive yet now over powering the prawns actual taste! Nothing to complain about when it comes to this dish and me… the onions compliment the flavor really well, shrimps are cooked perfectly, the sauce is the works! Highly recommended and has Ansam518 Seal of Approval all over it

My only take is why did they change their packaging 🙁 Used to love their Chinese takeout boxes 🙁 Oh and would love it if they included fortune cookies with each order too <3


To order, call 825738754/6 – Website (with menu): – Twitter: @ChinaKitchenQ8 – Instagram @chinakitchenq8

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