Random Meeting @SomedayKW

I have been lately taking my casual meetings at Someday in Salhiya for many reasons; Convenient location, good food, lovely cozy atmosphere, and happy faces!

I arrived around 10:30 and the place half full… I had a casual meeting with a friend that wanted to discuss a mini business marketing plan. So the usual.. you pick your food items, take them to the cashier, pay, take a number, and wait on your table with the light bulb vase!

While waiting you can browse around their merchandise that I have posted about before here! This time I came across Select, a new coffee table book aiming to showcase some talented photographers in KTown – you can find more about them on @selectkw. The book is selling for KD9 by the way 😉

I ordered Chicken with Labna sandwich + Spanish latte. Hanan, my friend, ordered Mushroom, potato, and Brie and a Hot Chocolate. It was my second time to order this sandwich and I must say, it is hearty and fulfilling! Love how the chicken goes well with labna! tasted really good. Hanan loved her brie and mushroom! She was thinking more cheese though. I tried it before and liked it… I would have liked it more if it was without potatoes

Now check this dripping with chocolate sauce hot coco! A rocky road on top too

We were there for quite some time… so I decided to give their Arabic Coffee a try. .Simple presentation… the coffee was okay

Someday is located opposite Salhiya Complex and their tel no. is 22996424 -You can follow them on Twitter @SomedayKW and Instagram @somedaykw for more pictures and updates – Find the full menu here

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