New Love Found at Armani Dolci Kuwait

Last night I dropped by Armani Casa in AlTilal Complex and had a quick meeting served a la Armani Dolci

The coffee was full of body and gave me a quick kick… a feel-good-kick, but the chocolates were another story! The famous small chocolate cubes of Armani! Ahhh the size is perfect for me since I am not much into chocolate! Mr. Fadi Yousef from Armani Casa management seem to spoil me with limited edition, seasonal, and one time shot chocolates all the time! At a previous function he made me taste one of those chocolate made specially for the region’s taste, infused with cardamom and saffron and good stuff too! Last night he gave me THE perfect chocolate cube! Flavored with??? Black Pepper! Delizioso. The black pepper spiciness is not overpowering the chocolate, but rather complimenting the taste really well!

Goes perfectly hand-in-hand with an espresso 😉 Its that chocolate cube on the right! I also tried the middle one, made with milk chocolate, creamy and I think it is the safest choice to go to… unlike the black pepper, an acquired taste that is not for every one 😉


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