My Visit to #BaitArt at @GalleryTilal

Last night I dropped by Bait Art Exhibition held at Gallery Tilal (link) It was a quick, less than an hour tour…. I am going again for sure this afternoon, and thought of sharing with you some pictures of my visit 😉 Will post more from Instagram tonight so stay tuned 😉


Becarre Lifestyle

As you can see, Becarre’s famous style is mixing the Kuwaiti tradition with a modern philosophy resulting in art pieces with a Kuwaiti flavor! Love their work

Concrete Copper

Now I know that chair does look hard to sit on, but its comfy! Loved their funky stuff! I hope I have more time to browse through’em tonight


Various items, very colorful, and cool stuff too! Gotta have some of those pieces at home

Loved this one below


This is a collaboration between my cousins, Najla AlRadwan – the Tiles’ Queen – and Loulwa AlRadwan from Interiakw Interior Designs. Najla makes the tile all by herself, handmade 100%, and sends them off to Loulwa, who puts them into furniture or decorative art pieces

Optimus Design

Optimus Design are famous for their unusual yet very practical pieces! Shapes are just unique! They surely add a  special touch to your space 😉

Pieces by Farah

What I like about Farah AlHumaidhi, the mastermind behind Pieces by Farah, is her continuous creativity! She comes with different styles, designs, and patterns every time she participate in an exhibition. She keeps the whole feel and theme, but with a fresher display

Ricamo Home Decor

Famous for their luxurious pieces, Ricamo have a wide selection of serving plates, accessories, bowls, and trays… and much more! I have seen some nice pieces at different functions in Kuwait, like Lenotre events

And lastly, 3rd Concept by Hamad AlSaab

Unique, unique, and unique! The guy knows how to mix and match! The pieces are in touch with mother earth! They add a special warm feel to your home with style. And let’s not forget those pop-art-sy pieces that he is famous for

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