More on ZainKuwait @LightBugKW Video Celebrating Kuwait

While the team members of Light Bug were editing the video for Zain Telecom event in 360 Mall (link), Yarub Burhama, the director, came across some fun scenes in the “Sabbooha” segment of the show!!  They called it the “Jackie Chan Jump” performed by Saud Buobaid, a student in the Higher Institute of Dramatic Art in Kuwait – a hidden talent honestly… could not resist sharing his jump pictures with you

أثناء إعداد الفيديو الخاص لاحتفالية زين، لاحظ المخرج يعرب بورحمه لقطة ما تتطوف لقفزه سعود بوعبيد – طالب في المعهد العالي للفنون المسرحية – إليكم الصور

Thank you Yarub for sharing 😉

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