@MMCKuwait Lenotre #VDay2013 Cake

If you are keeping up with Lenotre of MMC Kuwait you would know by now that they always come up with new designs to make cake, cake packaging, special display, seasonal items on the menu, and more for special occasions such as Valentines, Kuwait National & Liberation Days, Mother’s Day, Ramadan, and more! They honestly do take the extra step into making it unique and set a trend in the market! For example, they came up with an extra special plexi tray packaging for valentine’s cake in 2011 with famous lyrics from Abdulhaleem Hafez song (link). Last year it was boxes with lots of hearts and red all over (link). This year it was a lovely love cage for loved ones

Yes! The lovely dark chocolate cake, dressed in layers of ruffles of sugar in white and pink, comes in a beautiful forged iron cake with details of flowers all over and butterflies on top! I mean the attention they pay to details… not only in the cake, but also the packaging, so beautiful

The cake itself is topped with a cute little edible banner that reads LOVE with a couple of hearts

Lovely! Isn’t it?

Check out those details up-close

I know I am not into cakes and chocolate much, but let me tell you this… the minute the cake was ready to get sliced during after family lunch gathering, the cake was gone in less than an hour! With dark chocolate moist cake inside layered with goodness!!! We usually celebrate my parent’s anniversary during  the gathering in advance (their anniversary is on February 20th) so this cake was the perfect pre-celebration of their anniversary (يا ربي لا تحرمنا وتطول لنا بعمرهم و تعطيهم الصحة و العافية)

Price tag? KD35 – including the cage

The cake was sold out in two days, only limited quantities are usually made for such occasions, so to keep up with it follow them on their social media networks and stay updates with their latest


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