L’heure du Thé at #Laduree

Yesterday, my friend Dana N. and I decided to have an afternoon tea together! Since I did not have lunch, and was hungry and Dana basically wanted ice cream, we decided to stop by Laduree

Dana ordered rose ice cream with jasmine tea. I wanted to try the “L’heure du Thé”. My order consists of tea, coffee, or orange juice, a choice of a mini sandwich of three kinds, two macaroons, and a slice of chocolate or fruit cake. I went with jasmine tea, chicken egg mini sandwich, raspberry and pistachio macaroons, and fruit cake. The tea, as usual, was amazing! The aroma of jasmine and the taste! Only you have to let it set well and blend before pouring your first cup, otherwise you will be left with soft flavor for your first cup and a much stronger flavor for your second go

Here are our orders! The mini sandwich is really mini!!! Tiny!!!

Almost the size of two macaroons together! Taste-wise? I did not like it much, and it was so small not fulfilling for a hungry Ansam LOL

The tea, on the other hand, was perfect…. specially the first, less concentrated, cup.

Although not a big fan of macaroons, but both pieces I had were amazingly fresh and perfectly done

The fruit cake, well, lets put it this way: was not made for me… I wish they had an option for plain vanilla cake, but they have to be consistent with the French menu. Other than that, the service was prompt, friendly, and up to our expectations 😉

Our total came to KWD8.750

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