Yesterday, my friend Dana M. and I made a quick very random stop at Karak House

The place is tiny and fits a small number of people at the time. There were two occupied tables inside and one out. Wish they had more seating out. The service however was super friendly and fast. They basically serve the traditional Indian Chai Karak and Chapati wraps!  We ordered two Chai Karak and one Chapati with cheddar wrap.

 Here is what I think. The Karak tasted really really good! Perfect kick in our mid-day run around day! The milk is spiced just right. It was perfectly infused with tea, which you can taste the flavor of which distinctively. It comes sweetened so really you do not need to add anything extra here. The chapati bread was tasty as well. Chewy just enough to make it a good chapati bread and not too oily…. now what I did not like is that the Karak comes in full cream. They do not serve it with skimmed milk. I am not sure, but maybe the karak is supposed to be served with a full cream milk only to give it the creamiest taste possible? Anyone knows? The other thing is that the cheddar used was a bit salty… so next time I may try it with spread cream cheese instead – it was honestly my first time to try it with cheddar! I can have a plain chapati and not complain about it. Anyways… our total came to KD1.500 – not bad 😉 I am definitely going again for more 😀

For more, call them on 50979000 or follow them on Instagram @karak_house for more updates and pictures

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