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Few days ago I posted about an exhibition called For The Love of Kuwait hosted by Octium Jewelry (link) in 360 Mall. I was so busy lately and could not attend till earlier today… My friend DanaNafisi met with me there

I browsed through the Octium Collection first… a quick scan really, not the whole store, and I fell in love with their signature Octium designs! My heart skipped a beat quite a few times

Then I moved to the For The Love of Kuwait collection, starting with Th’haba Jewelry – instagram @thhaba_jewelry. Her collection, REMINISCE is a series of small memories and glimpses from the past… to help us remember the history that made us who we are

Her collection presented was described as simple, everyday jewelry line, showing the demographic makeup of Kuwait! Loved how she portrayed that in clusters of different sizes of diamonds.

Loved the idea – really creative

Moving on to nwn Designs – Instagram @nwndesigns

nwn used the “Sadu” and “Thowb” as her inspirations to design her pieces! Really classical pieces with a modern twist! Her aim was to design pieces that you can wear year round, and not only in February to celebrate Kuwait’s National and Liberation Days… so, her Sadu collection have distinctive triangular design of colors, with a touch of pearls <3 Lovely

The Thowb collection is another story! This collection consists of black diamonds and 18K yellow gold, representing the delicate design of the “thowb“. It is worth mentioning that the word “Kuwait” is engraved on the back of each piece of her Kuwait Collection

And then I spent time with Dana AlNafisi, who was there at the boutique, and was able to view the collection up-close and personal 😉 – instagram @dananafisi

Dana’s collection was inspired from late Sheikha Mubarak AlSabah, AKA Mubarak AlKabeer, his lifestyle and traditional clothes! Here are few pieces inspired by his “Egal” or head piece – a prominent statement of the traditional clothes of Kuwait

Check the attention paid to details, to look like the actual embroidered piece

And a skinnier ring for, comes with emeralds, rubies, or diamonds

Another ring design – a new arrival to the store while I was there 😉

Inspired by the awarded merits to the Late Sheikh Mubarak AlKabeer, may he rest in peace.

Another inspiration to her collection was the “Bisht

Yellow gold and rubies or white gold and emeralds! The bisht is a cloak worn over the dishdasha and usually trimmed with gold thread worn on formal occasions! Her collection is royal-like! Must be seen because pictures does not do them justice, same as the other two designers’ collections!

If you did not get the chance to drop by and view the collection, you still have time… I believe the three collection, limited edition and exclusive to the store, will be available until around mid March 😉 Follow @Octium on instagram for more pictures and updates

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