Dinner at @Vinnys_KW

Last night after @Danderma and I were done with art and music (link), we decided to grab a quick bite from Vinny’s

The weather was amazing and we sat in the new area they have set for the restaurant outdoor, just right outside Honda Dealership overlooking AlTilal Parking Lot. Danderma decided she wanted Mozzarella Sticks and Portobello Mushroom (which I stole a bite from). I went for the Truffle Pizza

Vinny’s prepare their pizza with extra super thin and yummy crust! I love it! Always went for the Shroom Pizza (which is made with cheese and mushroom), but I wanted to give the truffle one a try – glad I did! It was amazing!!! The aroma of the truffle killed me! The taste was amazing… the pizza contains no tomato paste or sauce by the way! It’s a white sauce, cheese, truffle, and truffle oil! Highly recommended and its light too. Check the picture below and see how thin and crispy the crust is? Flaky on some sides too

I polished it off, with Danderma having one slice lol

And yes… I will give it Ansam518 Seal of Approval

Our total came to KD11.750 with our drinks


You can follow Vinny’s on Twitter @Vinnys_KW and Instagram @vinnys_kw for more pictures and updates

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