@ChocolatenessKW for Kuwait National Day 2013

Chocolateness is back with a new design for February 2013, celebrating Kuwait National & Liberation days!

I have received my package earlier this month with two funky lit Kuwaiti flags that flashes with light

This year’s box is designed with a new theme! Last year it was Colorful Kuwait (link). This year it is Colorful Kuwait Towers with arabesque design

I got a dozen of molten cakes… Chocolate Molten and Cookie Molten

The cakes are topped with Kuwaiti flags; old and new, with lots of other informative flags of Kuwait. If you flip those over you get a picture of a point of interest with key information explaining it on the other side

Yummy molten cakes! My favorite in K-Town… and I tried to mix the two flavors in one bowl… delicious! Give it a try 😉

For more, you can call them on 22960606, visit them in Burj Jassem, check out their website http://www.chocolateness.net/, and follow them on Twitter @ChocolatenessKW + Instagram @chocolatenesskw for more pictures, news, and updates 😀


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