Behind The Scenes of @LocalTees #VDay Photo Shoot

LocalTees are now selling the Valentine’s Tee. They picked a Kuwaiti couple to do the shoot: May AlNajjar and Mohammed AlRagom as local figures for the collection

Their Cute Story? May goes: “I first saw him on FB in my friends profile picture and I immediately knew that we will be good together.. A week later he shows up with my friend to a meditation, I was facilitating and he books a one on one session with me and the rest is history, as they say. Funny thing is it turned out my friend was trying to set us up a year before we met but it never happened!”

Here are few pictures of the set-up followed by some behind the scenes pictures of the photo shoot session done by the talented Maha AlAsaker

Red Red… Red everywhere

Hearts and love… in the air

And the bouquet, for the element of fun I guess, is made of….. Radish!!! Cannot wait to see their reaction to this bouquet 😛

And here they are; May AlNajjar and Mohammed AlRagom, check out their reaction to the radish bouquet! LOL

Radish or roses… who cares! God bless those love birds <3

Maha hard at work

And the brick heart… tough love 😉

Love how this picture below is a heart within a heart… do you see the bigger heart? Their heads and their hands

They were naturals by the way

May and her love <3

And thank you Local Tees for having me again and again and again! I love you guys <3

Shop at LocalTees whole collection HERE, but if you want to go directly to their Valentine’s 2013 edition, click here

Follow them on Twitter @LocalTees and Instagram @localtees for more updates and loads of fabulous pictures

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