An Afternoon Tea at @HayaHouse_

I received an invitation in a teapot set with a cup and tea bag from Haya House a couple of weeks back for an Afternoon Tea at their house!

Such an inviting idea! I thought to myself… I wont miss it 😉 Of course the tea set was used right away with some cookies

On the day, I headed to Haya House. I checked their instagram account, but the place was bigger than I imagined!
Nicely set up for an outdoor-like atmosphere inside their covered courtyard that looked like a garden! The house was build a while back, but renovated in a way that it kept the old look but with a modern twist to it

Seating area was inside the opened/covered courtyard with different settings as you can see… umbrellas, mini tents, open common tables… with flowers, candles, and nice stuff around

You can enjoy an afternoon tea at Haya House every Wednesday from 5:30PM-9:30PM but prior booking is required. You can call 24825950 to reserve a table 😉

Now let’s take a tour inside those rooms around the courtyard, shall we? 😉

There are lots of things to browse through at Haya House… from furniture, accessories, to decorative art pieces and more… each room is designed differently to show you their work

From outdoors to indoors, dining to lounge-y styles… unlimited choices and wide range of colors, patterns, and styles

Serving sets too

Such a beautiful house with lovely lovely host

I guess this room is for one-on-one appointments for interior designing consultations and bookings

They also sell cloaks (bisht) and shawls

See how they shift moods and colors from one room to the other <3

Thank you so much Haya House for having us over! I look forward to many afternoon tea times at your place <3

For more updates and pictures follow them on Twitter @HayaHouse_ and Instagram @hayahouse_ – they are located in Kaifan, Block 5 St 54 House 3


More information on their website too

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