Whats for Lunch?

What are you guys having for lunch? I am craving Paul’s!

I want Paul for lunch… start up with their selection of freshly baked buttered bread dipped in the olive oil and balsamic mix with black pepper on my side plate, with chunky olive spread on the side. I want their Shrimp Salad… with its fresh crisp and succulent greens on top, fabulous dressing, and fleshy shrimps

For my main course I want Paul’s Croque Monsieur (click here for full review)

I want to polish off my dish! Yes it is THAT GOOD that I wont leave anything behind

With Ansam518 Seal of Approval all over it

But I am super busy today, and I guess I will be having some quick bite on the go *sigh* What are you having for lunch today? Show me your lunch by snapping a picture of it and mentioning me on Instagram and Twitter @Ansam518

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