What’s for Lunch?

I had an amazing lunch yesterday with my sister Anwaar at Le Relais de l’Entrecote at The Grand Avenues in The Aveneues Mall – much awaited lunch since I have been craving their steak for a while now <3


If you’re not familiar with the restaurant concept, they are famous for their one and only dish, the lettuce and walnut salad as a starter and steak-frites (steak with fries). The minute you are seated they will ask you how you want your steak cooked and what would you like to have for a drink… the waitress will scribble your orders on the table’s paper cover sheets… this is their style, never changed style, used in all of the branches I have been to – even outside Kuwait. The design? Vintage posters all over the place, leather seating mixed with chairs – closely spaced, waitresses in black french maid outfits with tiny white aprons, and it’s a walk-in kind of restaurants, which means that they dont take reservations!

Anyways…. Their salad, although VERY basic, is one of my favorite salads ever! Made with the most yummy soft buttery-in-texture lettuce and a single walnut on top! The dressing is just another story! I can have this salad DAILY!

Then came our steak, cooked perfectly to our preference – Medium! I don’t know where to begin to be honest! The tender juicy steak, the rich in flavor steak sauce, and the fries… I polished my first portion off, and the waitress came in to refill my dish – and I almost always ask them to pour in some of the buttery steak sauce on my fries when I get my second refill! Ansam518 Seal of Approval 😀

Our total with a diet coke and bottled water came to KD17.400

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