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I took a walk around The Souk area, the newly opened expansion in The Avenues‘ Phase III with Mr. Abdullah AlBaddah from The Avenues Marketing Team and took loads of pictures here and there (plus Prestige – post coming soon). Here is a virtual tour behind my camera lens that I hope you enjoy 😉

قام السيد عبدالله البداح من قسم التسويق في الأفنيوز بإعطائي جولة سريعة في التوسعة الجديدة للمرحلة الثالثة من المركز التجاري. اليوم سأخذكم في جولة سريعة لمنطقة السوق – المكان خيالي و حسيت إني أتمشى في سوق شعبي قديم نظيف و بالتأكيد سأعود لزيارات أخرى عديدة

The place is calm and in unified color… sandy beige all over the place, which gives it simplicity and spacious feeling… a fountain at one entrance adds live to the place

This is how a typical shop will look like in this area… just like a garage door that opens with a wooden top shield and lights on each side.

Traditional doors on some other shops

The street names within reflects the atmosphere and surrounding, a Gold Market to be opened soon in The Souk

The depth in the alleyways – I just loved it there with the simple classical architecture

A lot of scenes you would not normally see in The Avenues Phase I, II, The Mall, Grand Avenue, SoKu, and Prestige. The call for prayers can be found in different corners… It is like if you are walking around a traditional old market in Kuwait… like Mubarakiya

Later on when construction is complete, you can access this area directly from The Souk Station

A quick look at some shops in the area, some are already opened and operating, some are soon to be opened, and some unannounced shops 😉

The Special Food Center… interesting stuff

Fils! Wonder what that one will be

Haleeb O Heil – soon to be opened

An accessories shop with a new concept and Othmani Shop (to be featured on my blog soon)

Stickhouse <3 Yumm! Ice Cream (check my review here)

Halawa, all the way from Egypt – محل حلاوة المصري فتح في الأفنيوز

I believe this will be men spa/salon

And another Fancy Convenient Store (Baqala) I told you it will be the new trend


MayZahar (review soon on my blog)

Other stores to be opened soon

And another convenient store 😉

And herbs/traditional alternative medication store (more pictures of it soon)

Stay tuned for sub-detailed posts about The Souk

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