Spend Splurge Vs Steal Save

@ShopWithAisha posted a couple of pictures that I saved for this post… first one was a picture this bag spotted at Zara and selling for KWD24.500

Which I thought was inspired by Louis Vuitton both the Neverfull and Saint Jacques bags, running at around KWD300 and above depending on the size, leather, and style

The other bag Aisha posted about was this H&M Bag selling for KWD13.900

Which reminded me so much of Celine Square Luggage Tote Bag with a price tag much higher than that of H&M – around KWD900 take or leave depending on the color, material, leather used, size, and more

So what do you guys think? Which bags would you go for? The real nice ones with attention paid to all the details and the well known brand name or the ones inspired by those bag with much less damage to your bank account?


Picture credit + google search results

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