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About a week ago, I bought the new much-talked-about Samsung Galaxy Camera from Blink for KWD149

Let me tell you this! This camera is awesome! I am loving the fact that it is 3G/WiFi with all the fun Apps from the Play Store, that I get online and post pictures instantly on social media network, browse the net, check my email, and much much more! I can even edit pictures or add effects before sending and sharing! Its really a breakthrough!

This is a picture I have taken using the Galaxy Camera at Someday Restaurant.

The camera is 16,3MP and comes in with 21x optical zoom with 8MB built in storage (with a slot to add an SD card for extra storage). The screen is 4.8′ multi touch function. For picture taking you can go auto, smart, and expert mode with a virtual lens where you can control camera function (shutter speed, aperture  and ISO) + HD video recording. There are a variety of photo filters too!


I have been having loads of fun with it and it is MUCH easier to carry around daily in my bag than my DSL or huge cameras for quick reviews and picture taking! I urge bloggers to check it out since I think it is the perfect tool for us as bloggers 😉 You can find some more pictures I have taken with this camera on my Instagram account @ansam518


I will be sharing more and more in the coming weeks so stay tuned… consider this a mini one week review of my new toy <3 Here is a video with more on the camera



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