QR Codes @ElevationKW and #21Carrots

More than a year ago, I posted a link to Kuwaitism blog about using QR codes (link). Shortly after I posted about Maki Restaurant using QR codes on their business cards  (link). I thought it was a nice move… and hoped to see more, and I did 😉

Yesterday we were at Elevation Burger with our lovely cousins from Dubai in AlHamra Tower for lunch

I could not help but notice the QR Code on their packaging 😉 Nice move Elevation

Later on we dropped by 21Carrots for some yummy treats

The store is nicely decorated differently each month with a new look and a new theme

Frosty, icy, sugary, and Christmas-y

Nice collection of shatoosh/pashminas

And again, the QR Code on their shopping bags 😉

Now can you guys tell me what those QR code will read when you scan’em? 😉 Oh and have you spotted other companies using the same approach/QR Codes?

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