مي زهر من المحلات التي أعجبتني و بشدة في السوق بالتوسعة الجديدة للأفنيوز. المحل فيه العديد من المنتجات اللبنانية الأصيلة كالأعشاب والزهورات والزيوت و أنواع الخل وماء الورد و الزهر و العديد من المربيات بنكهات مختلفة. المحل يستحق الزيارة ؛)

MayZahar is one of those shops I can spend long time browsing their items. Just like I promised you in my post earlier (link) here is my mini review of the store. All the way from Lebanon, they bring us here in Kuwait different products; olives, oils, vinegar, herbs, floral mixes, rose water, jams, syrups and MUCH more! A shop that is definitely worth stopping by and getting things from. Not only did I like the variety of products, but loved the display and their packaging! Simply loved it all

 Olives and pickles

Olive oil, vinegar bottles in different flavors, syrups, rose water, and more

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