Madly Yours Surprise

Earlier today, the very nice owner of Madly Yours dropped by with a nice surprise!

A bag of some items from her makeup line, which I’m addicted to, Madly Yours

I have to admit that I like her always changing packaging! From the previous one made of recycled material to look like newspaper packaging, magazine like catalogue, to plains, and now this! Beautiful

Not to mention the individually wrapped makeup items in beautiful paper bags with fancy stylish cartoon-esque fashionista in Louboutins and Missoni

With a slogan on the back that reads “You almost forgot you’re wearing makeup. Skin Perfect. We care” because their makeup is really all mineral and light on the skin

Since Maha, the owner, wanted me to try something other than my almost the same shades lipsticks I already have of naturals, nudes, beiges, soft coffee pinks, and reds… she got me bright ones

And a couple of her new mineral finishing bronzers – first one is called Brazillian Bronze

The second one is called Mocha Mates

She knows I love the glowy dewy tan look 😉 So I will be having loads of fun with my new bronzers

Super Gloss in Super Candy – Lip Gloss in Show Girl – and Lip liner in Baby

How do I feel about her makeup??? Well… I give it the Ansam518 seal of approval

You can browse through her collection in  Rawda Coop Beauty Center – or wait for her soon to be opened shop in Kuwait City (will update you soon) – Follow the account on Instagram @madlyyours for updates and lovely lovely pictures


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