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For my sister’s milcha/wedding we ordered the buffet from LenotreMMC. Two things I thought were a “must post about” items are the Pasta and Peking Turkey Stations

The pasta station comes in with full service with Lenotre Chef (you can ask for a lady chef like we did). Different items: gnocchi, feusilli, spinach tortellini, risotto with mushrooms and truffles, penne, ravioli stuffed with chicken, and sauces (mushroom, pesto, Arabiata, four cheeses, and pink sauce). It was a BIG hit during t he first party that we decided to have it again in the wedding!

Another big hit that we ordered for both parties was the Peking Turkey with the whole nine yards! Some guests told me that they ate loads and loads of those mini rolls! It’s a favorite of mine as well 😉

For more on Lenotre/MMC Catering you can call 1805050 – or follow them on Twitter @MMCKuwait – Instagram@mmckuwait – Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MMCKuwait

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