Kobi Levi Funky Shoes @Selfridges

While in London last November, I stopped by Kobi Levi pop-up boutique at their Shoe Gallery after my little sister Amoona asked me to check their crazy, funky, and unique style shoes! I could not help but think, how crazy are those shoes

So who and what is Kobi Levi? The sales lady that day, Elisebetta, was kind enough to explain it all to us. Kobi Levi, a unique Israeli footwear designer, introduced his line of unusual shoes in Selfridges Shoe Gallery, housing surreal footwear art that must be seen to be believed as they stated on their website.

Kobi Levi designer started designing his shoes during his highschool days in Tel Aviv. After graduating from an Arts & Design Academy in 2001 he started to design for commercial shoe brands while creating crazy creative ones in his home kitchen…. just for mere pleasure. The designs were exposed on a blog in 2010, soon the blog took a life of its own and reactions streamed in form all over the world. That overnight exposure brought Lady Gaga to use the design Double Boot in her Born This Way music video

In July 2011, Kobi opened his studio and started to offer the designs for sale, all hand-made in his studio in Tel Aviv in limited editions of 20 pairs per style. Every few weeks, a new design is created and added to the collection. Where does he get his inspiration from? Well, by everyday objects and images… giving them new and fresh interpretations

That one above is called Blond Ambition, inspired by Madonna’s iconic look from the early 1990s with her famous cone bra corset designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier

This is another unique shoe that caught my attention. I remember the picture of this shoe circulating by email messages a while back. Never knew who the designer back then.

It clearly portrays a scene from the life of an everyday unfortunate sneaker. It captures movement and the tension in the stretched piece of chewing gum that is turned into a high heel! Creative!!!

A Banana Slipper on the right, with one of the peels being the heel for the shoe, completing the silhouette of the fruit and keeping the design true to its inspiration. And a Miao on the left capturing the grace and elegance in a cat stretching its limbs. Very alive and playful kind of shoes with the details of the tail around the ankle… and a touch of pink!

This one is black coffee pouring from white pot giving it an in-motion feel.

The shoe above is called Contemporary Chinese. It combines typical Chinese culture and art imagery with a western silhouette. Inspired by a dragon, and ended with double stiletto chopsticks shaped heels!

And here comes the cheerleaders… an American icon! Check out those knee-high socks heels, pleated two colored skirt over white panties and the pompons in front!

Moving on to the Animal Kingdom inspired shoes! The Elephant above. Love the ears flapping details, this ruffle kinda style is in right now, loved how he used the ears to do so…

From left to right; Ostrich, Flamingo, and Stork

A Toucan and a Duck, with both birds’ beaks used as heels and with bright colors!A white and black Swan shoes.

A Black Rooster, a Chicken, and a Brown Rooster shoes… all flamboyant and noisy!

And Lastly, a Shark and Orca. The Shark is smooth, shiny, and scary with its jaws detail at the back. Check out the tiny fin in the front! Kobi really pays attention to details and give his shoes a different perspective and life! The Orca is a sling-back designed shoes, a classic black and white in a completely fresh way 😉


I really liked the idea behind those shoes, I did not buy any. They are on the pricey side, but I guess they are made for those who dare to wear such shoes! Would you dare to wear those shoes?


Check out his website for more details and behind the scenes/the making of the shoes


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