Gleam Cream from @Illamasqua

I have been using Illamasqua Gleam Cream for almost a year now, thanks to my friend Maha for introducing me to it. Anyways, when I buy something I like, I stack

But when I realized I only have one left, I asked the sales staff at the Selfridges store in London and Harvey Nichols in Kuwait about it and both branches seemed puzzled about it.. like they never heard of this product before!!!!

I have been getting mine from Dubai for AED140…

They can tell me its discontinued or something, but they made me feel that this product never existed LOL! Any of you ladies out there beside me and Maha are using it or used to have it?

Is it replaced bu this product above? Gleam in Aurora Champagne? A solid cream compact instead of the cream one?

Another product that I would recommend with similar effect is high beam from benefit. A luminescent complexion enhancer which accent cheeks and brow bones for dewy and radiant glow, a look that I LOVE! As they say on benefit’s website, It’s the “supermodel in a bottle!”


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