The Gathering Bistro @GatheringKW

Last night, Sara N., DanaNafisi, and MeBlogging met at The Gathering Bistro for late lunch/early dinner

Now earlier last November I was invited for the soft opening, but I was out of town and decided to go when I come back since I heard pretty good reviews about it, mostly from Sara

Now I did not take pictures of the place itself because it was packed (mashallah) but managed to snap pictures of our food items using my iPhone camera. We ordered Shrimps on Skewer (above) and a salad (no picture) and shared both for appetizers. The shrimp was smothered in lemon-y pesto sauce and grilled to perfection! The salad contained grilled cheese, asparagus, sun dried tomatoes, and mixed greens! Very light and perfect start up. The quality of appetizers and preparations makes me want to go back and try more dishes

MeBlogging and I both ordered the Bistro Burger, Sara ordered Chicken Burger, and Dana ordered a steak dish if I am not mistaken! We were all starving believe me I could not take proper pictures lol

The burger came in a brioche bun, with melted cheese, and crisp not soggy greens! The patty itself was juicy and full of flavor and not overly spiced… the burger came with a side of French Fries. Wish they offered the option of having Sweet French Fries since its the new IT side dish with burgers in many restaurants that I came to LOVE so much, or the option to have onion rings or so, not that I have complaints, but it would have been nice. Beside that, everyone else was happy with their dishes!

Then we surprised MeBlogging with a baked cookie – Sara’s choice – which came in with melted chocolated inside and chewy cookie on top and a side of vanilla ice cream! Ahhhamazing dessert – Happy Birthday MeBlogging <3 Our total came to KWD31.900 with drinks


And here goes my seal of approval for that great Cookie <3

The Gathering Bistro is located in Salhiya Plaza, in the same building where Chili’s and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf are.
Follow them on Twitter @GatheringKW and Instagram @gatheringkw for more pictures and updates 😉 Here are few pictures posted on their Instagram account

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