Last week I passed by TEAVANA at The Grand Avenue

They have a wide range of tea selection at store with freshly brewed tea for customers to taste and try and very friendly and helpful staff. I wanted to get three kinds of tea Dr. Oz recommended (link) on his show; White Tea, Oolong, and Yerba Mate

As I entered I was greeted by a sweet sales lady whom I asked about those specific teas and she took me to the counter with all the containers

First thing first, she opened up the “My Morning Mate” Tea, selling for KWD2.250 per 50 gm. She’d ask me to smell it and check out the contents and explain the best way to prepare it

Strong smell, dark leaves.. blended with rooibos and black tea as well as pistachios and roasted chocolate (I hope I got the info right).

Next tea I got was the Silver Yin Zhen Pearls, in other words WHITE TEA, selling for KWD7.250 per 50 gm! Expensive, but I wanted to give it a try… since I saw the pearls and they looked and smelled so good! Could not resist

Last one was The Oolong, the Monkey Picked Oolong selling for KWD8.250 per gm, the most expensive one of the teas on my list

She said it was one of their best sellers and most beneficial, so why not 😉

So I ended up with all three, 50 gm each – I wanted to taste and see weather I like and can tolerate the taste or not before I can get more!

Each tea is labeled with basics info such as the amount to use per serving, the temperature to heat the water, and time to brew your tea and let it sit still

Here is what I think…. The Yerba Mate is full of flavor and very rich, great kick start for the morning, ONLY IF I can give up my coffee!! I think I will be getting more of it soon! Unfortunately they do not have Yerba Mate at the Kuwait Store, but I will be checking every once in a while because that is what Dr. Oz recommended


The White Tea? Well, I am already a fan of white. I love it, and this is definitely a high quality fancy form of it. I have tasted something similar, but jasmine flavor, while I visited Taiwan few years back. She told me those white tea pearls are rolled by hand by experts. It is fun to drink this tea in a clear cup (I will share pictures on my instagram). Taste? I like it – love it actually, and it smells so good.


The Oolong was the last to try, the one you must be careful not to let it sit still for more than three minutes, it can turn bitter. Buddhist monks formulated this ancient top ten treasure. Monkeys were trained to gather the youngest leaves from the tip-top of wild tea trees for this blend. Those curled tea leaves are a pleasure to drink and such an enjoyment. The aroma is light and soft. I got lucky with all three kinds of tea I picked 😉 Going to get more definitely

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