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The Scientific Center of Kuwait is one of my favorite spots when it comes to site seeing in K-Town. I have been fascinated by this center since its opening and even dreamed of working there at some point in my life. The location, the atmosphere, the staff, and what they do… what’s not to like, right? Well… there is one thing that I don’t like about the Scientific Center, their Instagram account. I have been following them for a while now and I am thinking of un-following them, not because I don’t like them or anything, but because I think they are not using it the right way! Why? Well lets see some pictures

You see what I mean? Not yet… lets go down a bit more with their timeline

You see what I mean? Flyers, flyers, flyers, and more flyers… with few… ONLY FEW pictures here and there. Check it out yourself HERE! I mean this is THE SCIENTIFIC CENTER of Kuwait! If I managed their account for a month, I would turn it upside down with loads and loads of interesting pictures of the center, the staff, the shark feeding, the animals, the interaction with animals, visitors, schools visits, and more! I really hope they read my post and do something about it… as I said, it is one of those places I admire a lot and love and feel attached to as well, but the instagram account is a total No-No for my taste 🙁 I hope IF they get to read it, they take my comments with an open mind… I am even willing to sit with them and discuss it further…. just my opinion! What do you guys think?

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