Saturday Breakfast at The Cheesecake Factory Kuwait

Last Saturday, Luluscious and I passed by The Cheesecake Factory -Kuwait- at The Avenues to check out their breakfast/brunch menu. Luckily they had a special menu made for “Saturday Breakfast” in which they start serving food at around 10:00AM on Saturdays. We asked them to browse through their menu and the minute I read “Monte Cristo” I remembered that one of my friends asked me to give it a try

We started of with the Cheesecake Factory bread basket… the two loafs you would always get the restaurant; a sour dough and brown topped with oats! Good as always

Lulu ordered the breakfast sandwich, and from one look at it you get full! ITS HUGE! She liked it but said it was a bit on the heavy side

My Monte Cristo arrived… HUGE also and stuffed with meat, eggs, and cheese! Tastewise? It was delicious but I ate a bit more than half of my order due to the large and very rich portion! The potatoes were amazing! I prefer The Early Bird’s version more and even my own recipe more… but I have to admit that the quality of ingredients used in this one were high! The bread was thick and fleshy

It was just over stuffed with protein and came in with a side of strawberry jam! I wish they can replace the side that comes with the Monte Cristo in Kuwait with cranberry sauce/jam! It tastes much better with the combo

With drinks, our total came to KWD11.250

The Cheesecake Factory Kuwait is located in the Grand Avenues at The Avenues Mall ground level 😉 It is designed in a way to resemble all Cheesecake Factory restaurants around the world, very spacious and staff were friendly… a down side? There were quite a few flies in the area… maybe due to some constructions going on near by? Maybe because its kinda an open area! It was a bit annoying.


Anyways… I will be dropping by again for lunch or dinner soon 😉



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