Recommended: Shiseido Hair & Body Freshener

#Shiseido Hair & Body Freshener is a total body refresher that neutralizes cigarette smoke, cooking aromas, and other odors that cling to the hair and skin (link).


هذا المنتج من شيسيدو يستعمل كمعطر للشعر و الجسم و إعادة الانتعاش بعد التعرض للروائح المزعجة كالدخان و رائحة الطبخ – عن تجربة شخصية – و يباع بسعر ٧.٥٠٠ دنانير 

We have loads of those tiny restaurants with open kitchens! It is sometimes frustrating to go in one restaurant and leave smelling like you’ve been in the kitchen, or sit next to someone smoking a ciggy or cigar leaving you smell like chimney, right? Well I tried this spray on and it helps! The scent is light and have a fresh powdery smell… leaving you refreshed! You can try it on before or after exposure to smoke and cooking aromas.

Price tag? KWD7.500

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