Milk Khana – حليب خانه

حليب خانه من المقاهي التي تم افتتاحها قبل فترة و لكن أمس كانت التجربة الأولى لي في هذا المقهى الذي يقع في السالمية، شارع سالم المبارك مقابل مجمع شاهة. المقهى مصمم بشكل دائري و حديث مع بعض اللمسات الكويتية هنا و هناك من ديكورات أو من حلويات و مشروبات ساخنة و باردة. جربنا بعض من أصنافهم و كان الانطباع جيد جدا! المقهى يتفتح من الساعة السابعة صباحا حتى منتصف الليل

I know Milk Khana has been open for long time, but it was my first time to try it last night with my friend! The weather was so nice outdoors, and while driving by… we decided to drop by Milk Khana since neither one of us has tried it before

The round-shape cafe is located in AlWataniya Complex on Salem AlMubarak St, opposite Shaha Center, and right across the street from Thuraya Complex. The outdoor seating area is so inviting. We initially sat outside and waited till one of the staff members told us to go order inside… So it’s a semi self-service where you place an order at the cashier, pay, and pick a table.

The design of the shop is simple and mix between modern with traditional touches, like those tea pots on the ceiling, used as lights! I liked it

Just like most of the coffee shops, the menu is on boards on top of the barista station with a display of most of their food and desserts items to pick from.

The selection varies between western drinks, desserts, and sandwiches to traditional desserts and drinks

They also have a list of the “Ccino” drinks! Arabic infused with the cino I guess! I know it was a bit cold outside, and normally a person would order a hot drink in this weather, but I went ahead and ordered AlmondCcino – Beithan (almond) blended drink

Here is what we ordered, and kinda shared… A smoked turkey sandwich, saffron muhalabiya, black coffee, and almondccino. Later on we shared cardamom infused hot milk with darabeel (Kuwaiti style dry cinnamon rolls) to dip and eat. Here is what we think


The location is quite nice on the corner, the selection of music was AMAZING, but was a bit on the low volume. Service staff kept it to a minimum interaction, which is not good OR bad, it was OK because they did their job just right. Now lets talk food. The smoked turkey sandwich was not bad at all… loved that it contained sun-dried tomatoes, it added to the flavor. The drinks were on the commercial side, not very home-style but were REALLY good and enjoyable. I mean we can make most of these drinks at home, but it was a break out of the routine kinda day and it was really nice to enjoy them outdoor somewhere else and not your home. Same goes for our desserts! The smell, the taste, the flavor… not very commercial! We enjoyed every single bite of everything we ordered. In shorts, I liked the place, the service, and the quality of food… Well done Milk Khana, will be seeing you again for sure


Milk Khana is located on the ground level of Wataniya Complex in Salmiya on Salem AlMubarak St, and they are open from 7:00AM to 12:00AM

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