Late Lunch at @ButchersDen

My friend invited me for a late lunch not too long ago at The Butcher’s Den

We were given the menu with two cotton candy wooden bowls… they were not really bowls, but as I examined’em, it turned out to be made of some biodegradable material – cool 😉 Anyways… If you know Ahmed AlBader is, you would know that he is always creative with the unusual complimentary starters (just like the caramelized popcorn in Bistro Eighty6)

The weather was cool and breezy.. we placed our order for a couple of appetizers and two main courses and waited while we munched on our cotton candy

Our first appetizer… shrimp cakes! Six of’em. They came in with a yummy sauce on the side that I used later as a dip for other things like onion rings and fries

The other appetizer was some sort of puff pastry with cherry tomatoes and goat cheese! My only remark on this dish is that it should contain more cheese

I ordered the burger… nicely presented on a wooden cutting-board with extra thin onion rings and a chili pepper. The burger came in cut in half in a brioche bun. What I liked about it is the juicy beef patty itself. I did not like the bun that much, nothing against the brioche – as a matter of fact I like brioche buns, but there was something off about it together with this burger and the cheese/sauce.

I still ate the whole thing and it was good

My friend ordered this shank, which I stole a piece of! The verdict? It is good, really good, but there was no need for the stew/sauce. The meat itself is of a high quality and really tasty and juicy by itself

There were still some items on the menu that I want to go back and try!


The Butcher’s Den is located in AlBeda’a – right next to Java Detour and their tel is 22263140 – Follow them on Twitter @ButchersDen and Instagram @butchersden for more updates and pictures

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