Have a Burger & Eat the Wrapper Too

My friend sent me this link to a video with the title “Now You Can Have Your Burger–And Eat the Wrapper, Too


في البرازيل، و بالتحديد في سلسلة مطاعم بوبس للبرغر، قاموا بتصنيع أغلفة سندويشات قابلة للأكل كخطوة إيجابية للحد من النفايات و لحماية البيئة – ودي أجربه 

When you are handed a burger in a wrapper, the burger is held well together inside, while you attack it and prevent all the juices and condiments inside from leaking onto your hand.. right? Okay, but those wrappers are not environmental friendly. Millions of tons of packaging waste is thrown away, which include burger wrappers!! What if you can eat the wrapper along with the burger????



In the video above, you can actually do this… if you are in Brazil and you get to visit Bob’s – a burger chain there! A very new and creative campaign where they use edible paper wrappers for their burgers. Wonder if it affects the taste! Curious to try it out 😉


Thanks Essa E. 😉

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