@DoubleU_KW and @Twaif Goodness

My dear Twaif surprised me with two yummy treats… The DoubleU W Kinder Bread Pudding and Twaif Cookies

The Twaif Cookies come in a plastic package with a dozen of mini cookies that look like cupcakes… tucked in one next to the other with a note that reads Heat ‘Em & Eat ‘Em

The Double U (W) Bread Pudding comes in a box with a crown like paper container with the same note 😉 I guess its their tag line for their line of desserts

Being the cookie monster that I am, I could not wait for everyone to be back home so I heated up one cookie for like 5 to 7 seconds in the microwave

Would I give it the Ansam518 Seal of Approval?? YES!!!

Yummy! Chewy soft cookie with melted chocolate inside that oozes out before you even take a bit. The bread pudding was a hit also. We had a couple of my cousins over and a couple of our friends and were fighting over which one tasted better! I highly recommend you try it guys 😉 You can order by contacting them on 99307010 via SMS or WhatsApp giving them one day ahead to place your order 😉 You can follow them on Instagram @doubleu_kw for more pictures

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