Breakfast at The Early Bird @theearlybirdkw

And The Early Bird never gets old for me… few days ago I went for breakfast with friends <3 It was random and we decided on spot to have breakfast there

We all ordered a cup of Joe – a  great kickstart for the day, isn’t it? And their black coffee is good 😉 I am telling you

And of course… I ordered the Monte Cristo AGAIN! Very home-style like cooked food! I just love it… I am thinking of going again now as I am writing this post LOL. The turkey slice in the sandwich is thick and the cheese is melted and oozing out – My only comment is the strawberry jam, which I believe should be replaced with cranberry

Um3azoz ordered omlette with cheese + sausages + hash browns. She loved the sausages so much and asked me to try’em. If I am not mistaken, they are made in-house

Rawanduz 😛 This is your dish with the sunny side ups! Looks good! Love the fact that the eggs are prepared this way, runny yolks, dark yellow (assuming they are free range eggs), and crispy edges!

Now back to my dish…

You know, when I post a before and after picture it means I loved it so much, I polished it off and gave it my seal of approval

I am seriously thinking of going now… 😉


Follow them on Twitter @theearlybirdkw  and Instagram @theearlybirdkw  for more updates and mouthwatering pictures –


They are open Mon – Sat from 5:00AM to 3:00PM

Fahaheel Tel: 23925814

Jabriya: 25343009

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