Breakfast and Brunch… And My Bagel

Breakfast And Brunch is one of my favorite breakfast places in K-Town (click here & here). I have been dropping by every now and then to have an amazing Baked Egg, Arabic Omelette, or simply Bagel and Cream Cheese!

I almost always order their famous Gernas Milk every time I am there, I make sure to take my lactaids just to be able to enjoy this drink! A flowery flavored milk <3 Not to be missed. I wish they made it using rice or almond milk for lactose intolerant dudes like truly yours. Anyways….

I wanted to have their bagel with cream cheese

The creamy cheese on the corner of the plate and my bagel, with spread cream cheese all over

Taste so good <3 I love it, the bagel is however is a bit on the soft side when we speak bagels terms – but hey, I like it 😉 I think I am going again soon to enjoy another round of Gernas Milk and a Bagel 😉

Breakfast and Brunch is located right next to Marina Mall, in the parking lot area opposite The One furniture store. They are open from 7:30AM to 5:00PM and their Tel # 25715362

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