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Earlier this week I posted a question on Instagram asking my followers to vote for the best Bagels in K-Town… I got so many shout outs to different businesses in Kuwait, one of them, Bagel It, is surprisingly for a friend I met during Hajj and she contacted me right away

I believe she sent me a bagel or more of each flavor they make! I was in Bagel Heaven that day

It was really nice to wakeup to this note… and indeed, it did satisfy my cravings 😀 😀

My plain bagels… which were my main craving

And Bagel Chips <3 I munched on’em right away while I was taking pictures! They are amazing… crispy and are really good plain, with dip, or with soups! Yes I had them with lentil soup later on

All the other flavors, included zaatar, olives, cinnamon, jalapeno, black seed & sesame, raisins, and whats not! Goodness!

And the spreads… tried most of them, my favorites were (beside the plain cream cheese) were the sundried tomatoes and herbed cream cheese <3

I think for two consecutive days I had bagels for breakfast, lunch, and dinner LOL

Now about the bagels… How was it taste-wise? Just how a bagel should taste like! Many times when I tried bagels in Kuwait they’d be regular soft buns in the form of a bagel shape… this one out did’em all! It was doughy and chewy and harder texture on top. Do I give it Ansam518 Seal of Approval? Hell yeah 😉

They will soon open up a shop in KIPCO Tower but for now you can order by calling 94991186 – Follow them on Twitter @Bagel_It and Instagram @bagel_it for more pictures and updates 😉

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