A Very Sweet Morning From @Bredz_Kuwait

For a quite late morning I went to Bredz for coffee and dessert! The weather was too good for us to be sitting inside, so we picked a place with a view on the Marina and Kuwait City… and Bredz it was 😉

The desserts we picked were Tiramisu and Strawberry Cheesecake! Booth looked really nice!

The strawberry cheesecake slice was basically marble-like with swirls of pink and mini chunks of strawberry, decorated with sliced whole strawberry on top. Taste-wise? Well, it tasted it so much like strawberry and cream kinda ice cream only creamier in texture, and lighter in taste. It was really delicious

The tiramisu on the other hand was made into individual round pieces, with yummy sugary ladies fingers within, and topped with cinnamon dusted large chocolate flakes

One of the yummiest tiramisu cakes I have tried in Kuwait, and tasted better than their older version at Bredz. My only take on the desserts is that their fridge display does not really keep their dessert cooled to a desired temperature, and they kinda felt a bit melted down when they were served

And when I like a dish SO MUCH I post a picture of the aftermath, right? 😉

This is why I frequent at Bredz, and you may already know that if you have been following me on my social networks! It is one of my favorite places in Kuwait

As for the American black coffee we ordered, it was good as always with buttery strong body… temperature was perfect when served actually.

And the last picture is of Kuwait City view twisted in a swirl 😉


BredZ is located in Soug Sharg, opposite of Mango and you can follow them on twitter @Bredz_Kuwait and Instagram @bredz_kuwait for more pictures and updates 😉

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