Trunki believe traveling should be always fun and exciting. They have a talented team of “imagineers” who are dedicated to create great products that make traveling with kids a breeze! As they explain, they use good design and little bit of “fairy dust” to create those products putting smiles on both big and little faces… Want a prove?

Here is Zayoona on her Trixie Trunki… Check out that happy (and sleepy) face

This mini suitcase contains locking catches, teddy bear seatbelts, bits pouch, two carry handles, secret compartments, multifunctional carry-tow strap, and sticker pack for fun 😉

Very easy and fun for traveling! I highly recommend it for those with kids 😉 Wonder if Trunki is available in Kuwait?

Trunki is the brainchild of designer Rob Law. He first came up with the concept for a ride-on suitcase in 1997, but Trixie and Terrance have come a long way since then. Find out all about the birth of Trunki in Rob’s Trunki Story.


For more, you can follow them on twitter @Trunki – LIKE them on Facebook

Official Website http://www.trunki.co.uk/ – and videos on YouTube


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