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Every now and then when I miss lunch at home or crave an early dinner, I pass by The Diet Care at our local Coop! I have been enjoying their food for few years now and I love it! Its actually too good for diet food! Full of flavor and texture, sometimes I cannot believe it is diet food!

My friend Shushu, who is very pregnant, is craving chicken musakhan most of the time… and I believe I have some sort of a syndrome, in which I get the same symptoms of close and loved ones around me 😛 I started craving it too, so might as well give it a try 😉

The label reads 0 gms of Transfat and 300 calories! It says to microwave it for one minute, but mine needed a bit more than that

Once it was out of the microwave oven I could tell I was about to enjoy a yummy roll! It was very well fragranced

It did not disappointment me one bit! Delicious and light! Not as fatty as rich yummy original musakhan I must say, but it was really good. Chicken was cooked to perfection, some pine nuts… just a little because it is supposed to be healthy. The bread rolls was thin and fresh! I have no complaints 😉


You can follow them on Twitter @TheDietCare and Instagram @thedietcare for more updates, pictures, and related topics 😉

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