Shop ‘n Tell at Sephora

While at Sephora a couple of days ago and as I was browsing through many items, one of the sales staff could not find me something I was looking for, and she called up a Flipina  sales staff called Leia who was VERY well aware of many brands, very helpful, very friendly, and with beauty tips and secrets for using makeup and beauty products! I was looking for YSL Shocking Mascara, and they were out of it, but I walked around the store with her and got few items from Smashbox..

She showed me a couple of compact sets for makeup. Hanan, my friend, who was shopping with me said she has the same set from the States and she is in love with it. If you’re at Sephora look for Leia (or any other staff) and she will be more than happy to show you! She’s got a character though and she was funny too! The set contains a large number of eye shadows, lip color, blushers, brushes, and more

Another set she showed me could work well for makeup addicts and artist… or for traveling! Compact sets that you can assemble together to form a mini chest of tiny drawers

Another interesting find was scented sets! I know they have been there for ever but I thought it was still worth sharing… This is one of which, Chocolate scented beauty products from tiny perfumes, to shower gels, creams, body butter and more (there are more scents but I decided to take a picture of the chocolate one for Zoona)

They come in with creamy shower gel capsules too  to match the sets with matching color shower lilies!

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