@PLTQ8 blugirl Event

A while back I got an interesting invitation from no one else but PLTQ8

With another creative and very inviting card as usual (check here)

I missed out on so many of their latest events, and I did not want to miss this one for sure… I cleared my schedule and headed there exactly at 7:00PM

The event was held in blugirl by Bluemarine boutique in Arraya Complex mannequins were dressed in white and feathers – matching the invitations… straw white seating area with lovely flowers setting

The place looked all dreamy and nice… I have taken you on a virtual tour into the store earlier this year (link), and I focused on their accessories. PLTQ8 changed the atmosphere into what looked like girls gathering with lots of feathers, fur, fabrics, and yummy center table with loads of sugar and flowers

  I usually tend to socialize during events, eye some items and go back to check’em out on a quite-er day! This dress is on my “to check” list

Sugar…. Macarons, meringues, and more

Laduree’s macaroon towers in dreamy pastel colors

Blue color was dominant though… check out the blue sugar crystals

Blue sprayed chocolates and blue porcelain!

Satin bow head band… also on my “to check” list 😉

Again blue is there, but it wasnt overly done

Fur, feathers, bling….

Another “to check” item… Gotta love bows <3

And some “props” matching the event’s theme 😉

For some FishFayce fun 😀

Check out the Movember staches 😀

Surprises for all guests who attended the event 😉

Berries’ infused water matching the color of the clothes on the rack behind it

Thank you blugirl Boutique and Noaf of PLTQ8 for the invitation 😉 I am paying you another visit soon!

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