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So! It is the last day in November and I thought of writing a Movember post, the Mo Burger I have tried at Byron in Westfield

So what was Movember at Byron all about? To begin with the slogan goes; Those in the Know Grow

So every November, Byron supports the Movember cause, the mustache-growing charity. The money raised from sales is donated for prostate and testicular cancer research… so far, they have raised over GBP60,000

And when you order a Mo Burger special they’ll give 50p to Movember… all month 😉 It was honestly so tempting! Mo Burger comes with cheddar cheese, pickled red onions, salted cucumber slices, mustard dill dressing, sesame seed glazed bun! Although I prefer dill with seafood, I thought of giving this burger a go!

We were about 6 persons, and I was not able to take pictures of all orders because everyone was hungry but managed to snap a few pictures here and there! Nachos with salsa and guacamole! Loved the guacamole which was freshly made with creamy avocado <3

Green olives… were such a delight! Not too soft, but flavor was amazing!

My Mo Burger cooked medium perfectly to match my preference! The combo was amazing and I enjoyed every bite! The juicy beef patty, the melted cheese coating the burger, the onions added a special hint of sweetness to the whole flavor, the cucumbers were almost pickles, but not pickles.. sauce was good too! I have no complaint and this burger kept me full the whole day.

I ordered fried zucchinis (courgette fries) for a side dish, but we kind of shared our sides between onion rings, french fries, and skin on chips! All were really delicious!


Why do I love Byron? Well, aside of their exceptionally delicious burgers and food in general, I love their staff… all helpful and friendly, and ready to recommend different dishes while throwing side jokes here and there! They’re always in a good mood and full of smiles!


Our total came to around GBP17 per person – between soft drinks/water + burgers + side dishes


You can read my review last year here!


For more, check out their website http://www.byronhamburgers.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/byronhamburgers

Twitter @byronhamburgers

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