Mini @CinescapeQ8 Museum at @Mall360

سينسكيب في مول ٣٦٠ مسوين معرض لتاريخ السينما بالكويت

المعرض يحتوي على العديد من الوثائق كالرسائل و التقارير السنوية و تذاكر قديمة بالإضافة إلى مقاعد السينما من الخمسينات إلى وقتنا الحالي و بعض ألات العرض الثابتة و المتنقلة و معلومات عامة عن تاريخ السينما في الكويت

إذا كنتم في السينما لا تفوتون الفرصة – المعرض صغير لكن يستحق الزيارة

If you’re at 360 Mall‘s Movie Theater of Cinescape, do not miss the chance to pass by the mini museum they created to show a trajectory of the cinema history in Kuwait! Worth checking with lots of interesting stuff

Follow them on Twitter @CinescapeQ8 for more updates

On the wall you see a timeline of the history of cinema in Kuwait… loved the display and light effects! Lots of pictures and interesting info too

There is a picture with all the different logos and its development with time

Now this is an interesting display… actual chairs used as movie theater seats from the early 1950s… with this one from Hawalli cinema location

That one above is from the 1960s… moving on to more recent ones below

Documents that include letters and annual reports

What tickets looked like back in time

The speakers used in the Drive-In cinemas back in the 1970s… Ignore the spelling mistakes in the info key notes

Portable A/Cs used in the drive-in cinema

3D glasses along with the flyer of the first 3D movie in Kuwait called Chhota Chetan

Projectors and portable projectors

If you booked your movie at this theater, do not miss the chance to pass by… its in the area where screens 1-5 are located in 360 Mall

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