Kuwait, More Than Home @kmth2012

My friend FAH from Buzberry talked to me about an initiative, a national event called Kuwait More Than Home, which will display Kuwait’s history using smart phones. The event will take place November 12th 2012





So, for the first time in the Middle East The Avenues Mall will host in mid November and for a period of 17 days a 300-year narrative of Kuwait’s history presented through the latest picture recognition technology.


A 680m2 map of Kuwait will be constructed on the floor of The Avenues with special symbols scattered all around the map. Scanning these symbols through our special application designed for this event you will be able to view a digital archive of Kuwait’s’ history and achievements.


In addition to the Map, a chronological presentation of Kuwait’s history will be printed on glass panels (The Time Line) and placed next to the map with symbols representing important key events in Kuwait’s history also viewed through your smart phone.


The compiling of this archival treasure was only possible by the contribution of Kuwaiti enthusiasts and researchers with a passion to document and acquire through diligent efforts materials and information about our beloved nation from sources inside and outside Kuwait.

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Instagram: @kmth2012
Thanks Hamad AlTabatabie 🙂
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