Kardashian Kollection at Dorothy Perkins

While in London earlier this month, The Kardashian Kollection at Dorothy Perkins was launched and I decided to go check it out and snap some pictures for my readers 😉

The collection… sorry, Kollection, was all about gold, leopard print, sequins, leather… in my opinion at least 😉 So in short, they are letting you shoppers wear their style of many years of TV appearances and shows 😉

I did right on the launch date, because I did not want to stand in line 😛 So I went later on another day and surprisingly it was such a breeze to shop and look around

At the ground level they had a mini display of the Kollection, some sort of a teaser for whats hidden on the first floor where you can browse through the whole Kollection

Bling Bling 😉

Read an exclusive interview with the Kardashians at RCFA


You can shop the Kardashian Kollection here 😉 Or wait for the launch in Kuwait stores on the 29th of this month

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