Frozen Yogurt at Baskin Robbins is BACK

Every time I go shop in our local grocery store/Coop I almost always stop by Baskin Robbins to get my ice cream and/or check the flavor of the month that I post about every now and then! Yesterday the sales lady told me they have frozen yogurt from their “Bright Choice” – if you remember well, Baskin Robbins used to have froyo but they were not popular back then and not a “trend” I was so sad they stopped them and so happy they brought it back

The flavors available were Mango Yogurt, 31 Yogurt, and Blackberry Yogurt

I ended up getting the 31 Yogurt, which is plain yogurt made with live and active cultures… as you can see I was the first customer of the day to get it as my scoop made its way 😛 One small scoop is 500 fils

Taste-wise? Hmmmm it felt like it contained mastic in it, not that it was bitter or anything… but it gave me the same feeling of Arabic ice cream or booza! It was rich and creamy in texture and does not taste like any other plain yogurt in Kuwait… not better or worse, but not the same! I have mixed feelings!

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