False Eyelashes Brand?

What is your favorite brand for false eyelashes ladies? Mine must be Shu Uemura’s Farfallina

Why? It is made of brown and black tones with different levels and layers of curls and longer lashes towards the edges of the eye! They give great and natural volume you wont even need a mascara! Too bad they dont come with a glue!


Well, since Shu Uemura is not available in K-Town I stock on Makeup Forever, MAC, Boots, and No. 7 false lashes. The last two are very well reasonably priced and makeup artists who’ve used them on me were shocked that they were sold at Boots and loved’em… I just do not like the glue much that comes with the No. 7 lashes


What brand do you use for false eyelashes? And what model? Come on… share your secret 😉

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