Few days back when I spotted newly opened restaurants at 360Mall (link) I knew I was in to review’em… starting with BURGERHOLIC last night 😉

The menu is basically a wooden board with engraved items on it! Nothing to flip, just simple direct double sided board with mainly burgers, condiments, sides, drinks, and desserts. The place was nicely and simply decorated with a setting that makes you feel you are eating your meal in the backyard of an American house.. or a mini farm with grass, benches, and lots of wooden items! I could not take pictures because of the other customers in the restaurant… did not want to bother them, but you can check the pictures they posted on their Instagram @burgerholic. The items on the menu looked appetizing! Their burgers are made of beef from vegetarian diet fed cattle with all the essential nutrients

My friend and I decided to share our fries and onion rings! You get the option of choosing freshly cut fries or frozen.. we went with the frozen. Onion rings were fabulous! The sauce on the side was amazing! We actually ordered many sauces to try; aioli, homemade spicy, and some hickory bbq sauce! They were all good to be honest

Now the moment of truth! I ordered Crispyhouse Burger and Alfa ordered The Burgerholic one double patties

Those two burgers (according to us) were beyond amazing! The buns, the fresh crisp ingredients, and the beef itself hit the spot just right! I am telling you, it is tender juicy meat burgers tucked in what seems to be a potato bun, my only take is that they were very small in size for regular size burgers (not much bigger than their sliders) and a bit on the pricey side

Our total came to KWD13.400 – Highly recommended and deserves my seal of approval all over it

BURGERHOLIC is located in the Food Lounge right opposite of Wagamama Restaurant –

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